Part I of this book is for people who are ready to deal with the uncertainty of the gas prices at the pumps. This section will lay out all the facts that show just why our dependence on imported oil is a problem. This includes the global competition for oil, our national security and our personal energy security. It connects the dots between the price at the pump and our changing economy, the federal debt and creating good jobs. This sets the stage for exploring the EV solution.


      Gas Prices at the Pump

      At a Crossroads

King of the Road

      Oil Prices and Global Competition

      We Use the Oil

     They Own the Oil

North American Oil

      Oil Reserves

      Unconventional Extraction

     Future Production and Costs

      Oil Action in the U.S.

      Oil Peaks and Cliffs

     Three Views of the Future

U.S. Oil Deposits

      U.S. Oil Plays

      Canadian Tar Sands

Energy Security         

      National Security

     Economic Dependence and National Security

      Personal Energy Security

      Electricity and Gas Prices

Jobs and the Economy

      The EV Connection

      An Amazing Economy

     Creating Taxes

      Gas Prices and the Housing Crisis

Part I Energy Secrets

Outline of Part I

Energy and EV Secrets

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Part II of this book is for people who think something has to change before they can use the electric vehicle solution. They are correct about that and will be surprised to learn that the needed change is in their own thinking. All that it takes is getting free from the restrictive ideas that come from being attached to the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) point of view. Once you get your head out of the ICE age and allow the EV mindset to take over then electric cars like the Nissan LEAF, plug in hybrids like the Volt, and e-bikes of all kinds including electric bicycles and e-motorbikes can solve your addiction to imported oil starting NOW.

The EV Solution

      Freedom from Imported Oil Prices

      EV Smiles from electric cars, electric hybrids, and electric bicycles

      EVs Mean Change

Costs and EV Savings

     Costs and the EV Mindset

      Is Price Really the Issue!

      It Comes Down to Efficiency

     Congestion and the advantages of EVs like electric cars, electric hybrids, and electric bicycles

Guide to Types of EVs

     Electric Car Basics on EVs like the Nissan Leaf

      Too Sexy for Your Garage

      Plug in Hybrid Vehicles

      Converting an ICE into an EV

      E-Bikes of all kinds including electric bicycles, e-motor scooters and e-motorbikes

      Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs)

Part II EV Secrets

Outline of Part II - The EV Solution

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The EV Mindset        

      The EV Way of Thinking

     Full Tank of Electricity

      Why You Want a Family Fleet

           Examples of Family Fleets with electric cars, plug in hybrids, electric bicycles and e-motorbikes

      Specialized Vehicles

      Living with a Local Use Vehicle

      Regional Use Vehicles

     Rentals and Car Sharing

How EVs fit  

      Congested Cities  

     Research Expedition to London

      Car Cities 

      Beaches, Resorts and Ancient Cities       

      University Towns 

     Rural Towns         

      Hills Make a Difference   

Basic EV Consideration

      Range Ratings

      Range Changers

     Range Nightmare Stories

      What about MPG

      Range Anxiety

     Creating Affordable EVs

      Medium Speed Electric Vehicles

      Better Vehicles Coming?