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Energy and EV Secrets?

Energy and EV Secrets

Review from Small Press Bookwatch

"Energy and EV Secrets" focuses upon how an electric vehicle (EV) can have a positive impact in cutting fuel costs, improving the environment, and provide practical transport.

 "Energy and EV Secrets: How the volt, plug-in hybrids, electric cars and e-bikes can save energy and cut your gas prices" is exceptionally well written and thoroughly 'reader friendly'. Informed and informative, "Energy and EV Secrets: How the volt, plug-in hybrids, electric cars and e-bikes can save energy and cut your gas prices" is an invaluable contribution to our on-going national dialogue about the role and value of hybrid autos, electric cars and electric bikes to improving our quality of life now and for future generations.

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"Makes a compelling argument that electric vehicles are no longer the transportation of the future, but are viable options now for the average driver."
~Anonymous, Posted December 9, 2013

"A tremendous amount of valuable information."
~Anonymous, Posted December 17, 2013

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Are the topics in this book relevant and important?

Senator Fran Pavley is one of the strongest leaders in sustainable transportation. She was kind and generous enough to give her view on the subject.
“It is such an exciting project and so practical. The information about charging, the capabilities of electric vehicles, and the other nuts and bolts parts are so informative and useful. Very comprehensive, impressive and timely!!”
~Robin Quinn, Editor, Los Angeles, CA

“Wow - what a production! Very impressive and professional and I really enjoy your writing style. I am now going to google ‘lease electric car in UK’.”
~Bevis, Norwich U.K.

“Impressed about how deep you go into the weeds with the minutia and details. Not so much a promotional thing as it is the reality of the cars.”
~Rex Leonard, Reno NV

“I ended up changing my mind about a few things, which was a surprise. By the time I finished reading I could tell my passions were rising for these urgent concerns. It helped me understand why the government involvement is necessary.”
~Diane Kelley, Economics Grad Student. Ventura, CA

"Tremendous amount of valuable information. Clearly, the author has done a lot of work and has a lot of experience in the electric vehicle world.”
~Kelly Olsen, Santa Monica, CA

"Think electric vehicles are only for the rich or for environmental activists? Think again! Russell Sydney explains how and why EVs are affordable, economical, and a great transportation choice for the average driver."
~Joan, Illustrator, Santa Monica, CA

"Very interesting, lots of information, very helpful. Well researched, puts everything in perspective. I found the knowledgeable author to be entertaining to read when it could have been dry material. This book is very much needed in this day and age."
~Stephanie, Graphic Artist, Venice CA

"I particularly like how well the information is tied together. The graphics connected to the text to make the whole reading experience easy and meaningful"
~Robert Quinn, Engineer, Ojai CA

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978-0-9670308-4-5 (Hardcover)
978-0-9670308-5-2 (Paperback)
978-0-9670308-6-9 (EPUB)
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Other authorities have something to say as well -

“This book reveals how the EV Solution mitigates the economic and national security effects of oil. The EV Solutions are being demonstrated daily by tens of thousands. I hope that you take to heart the need to swell the ranks of EV drivers.”
~Paul Scott, Passionate Advocate and Founding Board Member of Plug in America

“I like how this is targeted at people new to plug-in vehicles. It has a lot of great info presented neatly, and with all-important links to help those interested to get more information.”
~Chad Schwitters, VP of Plug In America, National Coordinator for National Plug in Day

“Electric vehicles are a key lever in the Sierra Club’s critical campaign to rapidly move Beyond Oil.”
~Darrell Clarke, Co- Director of the Beyond Oil Campaign
“Technology and innovation are critical as we work to cut greenhouse gas pollution and create clean jobs in California. Electric vehicles have an important role to play in transforming the transportation sector, our state’s single greatest source of pollution.”
~Senator Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills, CA).
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Electric Vehicle Website Review - from

"I just finished reading Energy and EV Secrets by Russell Sydney. This book is a great read for anyone trying to fathom what Plug-in cars are all about.

"Russell Sydney ... began to working with the Sustainable Transportation Club in Santa Monica, CA and his efforts lead to Santa Monica becoming one of the Plug-in friendliest cities in the nation. His efforts were also a driving factor in the creation of the annual Santa Monica Alt Fuel Vehicle Expo."
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Noel Adams is the person behind the website. That was one of the very first sites to provide comprehensive coverage of EVs on the market. It still has hard to find information. Noel's review comes with the added advantage of having been part of the same advocacy group as the author. He is a reviewer, a participant and a witness to this effort. Here is what he has to say:
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Online Reviews - from

"A true eye opener. Living in a country with really high gas prices (Germany),
I devoured this book and really liked what it had to say about advantages of electric vehicles compared to gasoline powered ones.

"Also the dependency of a stable national security being based on oil imports and the possible consequences of a move towards an EV (electric vehicle) only society made me think about how much we tie ourselves to the oil industry and also made me wonder if there's anything we can do to break free from depending on others for our own energy needs since it is now in our reach to embrace EV's and other oil replacing technologies."
Bastian Weisskopf, NetGalley Reviewer
Rating: 5 Out of 5 Stars

What the Kirkus Review Has to Say About the Book

The industry standard, Kirkus Review provides a look at what to expect from the book:
"Sydney... sidesteps discussion of climate change from automotive greenhouse-gas emissions and instead bases his brief about electric vehicles on the prospect of rising gasoline prices. After a wide-ranging, cogent look at the spiraling costs of oil production, he turns to electric vehicles as a surefire liberation from “the tyranny of the price at the pump.” His statistics make an eye-opening case for the cost advantages of electric cars...

"Sydney’s technical explanations are lucid, and he brings a wealth of understanding and contagious enthusiasm to his subject that make the book an absorbing read for gearheads and novices alike.

"An informative, infectious introduction to the joys of electric vehicles."
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Plug In America
Beyond Oil Campaign

Introducing the Author - Russell Sydney

Russell is a seasoned and experienced writer and international seminar leader. He has a gift for turning technical information into readily usable and understandable language. He has been the Editor and Principle Writer for the Sustainable Transport Club Newsletter since 2004. He is the author of the best-selling Bust the Y2K Bug and A History of the Farmers Markets Movement in California.

Russell Sydney also helped create one of the leading Electric Vehicle Areas in the U.S. This EV Area stretches from Long Beach to Santa Monica and up to Santa Barbara. He has worked with many of the top EV leaders and developers as well as hundreds of EV drivers around the country. He is communicating their knowledge, in addition to his own personal experience. He is a Chevy Volt driver and has been driving and testing all sorts of EVs since 2003.

Russell Sydney has a Master’s Degree in International Development from UC Davis.
Copyright 2013 Russell Sydney, All rights reserved.
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