Energy and EV Secrets

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The Advanced Reader Copies (ACRs) are specifically available for people who can help get the word out about this book. The books are available to support the following:

The various request buttons in the right hand column can be used to get a copy for any of these purposes. People with similar reasons are encouraged to get in touch also and to let us know how you can help.

There is a separate website for potential allies, reviewers and press who are interested in getting this book to the people who can benefit from the information. The button for Press and Media will take you to that information.
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The Advanced Review Copies are currently available in printed and electronic book formats. This page will allow you to request the format you prefer. The paperback version is available for promotional and test marketing activities.

You can also help this effort by providing reviews and sending quotes about the book. The Feedback button is an easy way for you to get in touch and let us know how you can contribute to this work.

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The button "Request PDF Copy" is for reviewers who would like to to get the PDF ebook version of this book. The PDF will work on Tablets and Smart Phones in two modes. One is when the tablet is viewed in the landscape orientation and the reader is set to allow "continuous" reading. The second setting is when the file is set to the text reflow mode. That allows pinch and zoom operation. These features may vary by type of device.
Energy and EV Secrets ISBN List

978-0-9670308-4-5 (Hardcover) $24.97
978-0-9670308-5-2 (Paperback) $17.97
978-0-9670308-6-9 (EPUB) $7.00
978-0-9670308-7-6 (MOBI) $7.00
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There are a limited number of printed Advanced Review Copies available. These are the review version for the media, book reviewers and appropriate blog sites. Once we have distributed copies to these channels there will either be additional copies you may purchase or there will be the first Edition print run available in May. You can reserve one or more copies with an email by using the "Reserve Your Copy" button.

This is the only place to order those on-line. A paypal invoice will be sent when a copy is actually available.

The availability of additional printed versions will be posted here as that develops.
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E-Book Versions Available at

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button3_85.gif is set up to provide e-books versions of Energy and EV Secrets for review. They provide electronic book versions for various devices and software with full instructions on how to download and install them effectively. The button above "Review at NetGalley" will take you to the right page.