Energy and EV Secrets

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Getting Copies of Energy and EV Secrets
Paperback Edition of Energy and EV Secrets
The paperback version is available from both the publisher and from
Energy and EV Secrets ISBN List

978-0-9670308-4-5 (Hardcover) $24.97
978-0-9670308-5-2 (Paperback) $17.97
978-0-9670308-6-9 (EPUB) $7.00
978-0-9670308-7-6 (MOBI) $7.00
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Paperback Edition
ISBN # 978-0-9670308-5-2
220 Pages, 8.5 X 5.5
B&W content, full color cover,
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Below are some links to get the PDF version of this book. The PDF is only available from this web site and Smashwords at this time. Smashwords will be spreading the pdf for small screen devices to more places soon.
Energy and EV Secrets Available at Smashwords
Energy and EV Secrets Available at Google Play
Energy and EV Secrets Available at Kobo Books
Energy and EV Secrets Available for Apple Products and iTunes. You must start your iTunes program, go to the iTunes store and search for the ebook by the title. This link may help.

E-Book Version of Energy and EV Secrets

For the Nook, Kindle, iTunes and many other e-readers
ISBN # 978-0-9670308-5-2
Full color graphics and linked Table of Contents
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$7.00 each (U.S.)
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International Sources for the Book

There are international and many other online sources for the book. The growing list is below.
Available at Amazon in Pounds Sterling
Available at
Available at
English Language Sites for Energy and EV Secrets
Available at Amazon in Australia
Available from Indigo in Canada
E-Book at Angus & Robertson in Australia
Available from My Dear Books
Available in Mumbai
Paperback at Angus & Robertson
Available at Hybrid Bikes
Paperback at Half Bay in U.S.
E-book Available from
Energy and EV Secrets at Barnes and Noble
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Amazon International Sites for Energy and EV Secrets
Available on Japanese Amazon
Germany ?? = de
Spain ?? = es
France ?? = fr
India ?? = in
Italy ?? = it
Amazon is able to get the E-Book listed on a large number fo sites that cater to the international customer. Here are some of the details for how to access those sites.

The first list is for sites that take you to Amazon through somewhat unique addresses.
Available for Brazil on Portuguese Amazon
Available on Japanese
Available on Portuguese
Available for Mexico on Spanish Amazon
The next list is for sites that take you to Amazon through addresses that are very similar. The language and currency changes when you change only two characters in the internet address. The base address is shown below with two question marks that show you where these characters change. The list of five countries on the left shows you the two characters to use instead of the two question marks ??.
This is presented in a way that is more complicated than would be best for all concerned. The reason for this is that the search engines do not like it when you use the same address too many times without creating some substantially different results.

It is important that you can pay in the currency you want to use and read the screen in the language you prefer. It is also important to keep the search engines happy. What a world!