Energy and EV Secrets

Using MOBI files

The MOBI format is easy to work with on just about any device. It can be read using the Kindle software, a Kindle App or the actual Kindle reading tablet. The e-book is easy to use on any of these. You install the app or software and download the file (preferably into the Kindle Content folder). Then you open the file in any of a number of ways and you are ready to read.

There is a Kindle program available that works on many devices including:

Smartphones iPhone & iPod touch, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry

Computers Mac, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP & Vista

Tablets iPad, Android Tablets, Windows 8,

The program is free and available by using the button provided.
This button takes you to the site for the reader.
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Using EPUB files

EPUB files are a basic standard e-book format. There are several readers for the EPUB file format. You may already have one on your device. The three that have been tested and used are Calibre, Sigil and NOOK. Calibre is the best one we have tried for working with computers. It reads most e-book formats. It can adjust the file to optimize reading on many different devices.
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There is a NOOK App for that

EPUB files are also the standard files for the NOOK reader including both the tablet reader and the NOOK software. Barnes and Noble provides the App and the software at no charge. The Nook App for Android devices will open the file once the reader app is installed. The windows version only seems to allow access to electronic books from the Barnes and Noble website. Information on how this works for the MAC is below.

There is a NOOK Reader App available that works on various devices running with:

Apple iOS, Android, Windows 8 or Windows RT as well
as NOOK for Web

The NOOK App is free and available by using the button provided.

Nook tablet reader users will need to know how to install the file
in their tablet. Please feel free to send information about how to do that.
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Apple Products

Energy and EV Secrets is available for Apple Products and iTunes. You must start your iTunes program, go to the iTunes store and search for the ebook by the title.

Apple MACs, iPads and iPhones can also all handle the PDFs. The PDFs can be read on all three sizes of devices. The ebook looks and reads great on MACs and iPads. It is a little bit of work to read the PDFs on the iPhone but it does work.

The EPUB files have advantages for reading on the smaller screens. That format lets you adjust the font size and lets the text flow through your screen instead of dealing with each preset page.

The Kindle App and the NOOK App can both be installed on Apple products to allow access to the MOBI and the EPUB formats.

Here are some downloading guidelines for the Apple products.

The MACs can download the files easily. They are typically put into the download folder. The MAC finder can unzip the EPUB and MOBI files if needed. The PDF file does not need unzipping and can be opened by Preview and iTunes. iTunes uses iBooks to open the file. The finder will then give you the option of using the various programs you have installed that can open the file. If you do not have a reader for the file it may try to open it in a generic program that may not produce results. That is why installing a reader App or program first is a good idea.

People using iPads and iPhones can download and read the PDF ebooks. They will be able to do this with EPUB files when the new Version of OS 10 Maverik.

It is also possible to use the EPUB files on iPads and iPhones by using a MAC to send them the file. The file is downloaded and unzipped on the MAC and then the synching functions allow that file to be copied to the smaller devices. The synching process would be followed by using iTunes to open the file. It may be possible to open that directly into iBook.

The iBook multi- touch format is not available for this ebook yet.
The Calibre program is free and available by using the button provided.
Both the EPUB format and the MOBI electronic book format provide a quality reading experience. They are probably a better reading experience for people with small screen devices than the PDF, although Adobe is working to change that.

The EPUB files are an international standard that is used by many programs and dedicated e-book reading devices. It is the main file used in the NOOK.

The MOBI file is an adaptation made by Amazon to get the best results out of using thier e-book readers, the Kindle family of products.They also provide software to let you use these electronic books on a whole range of devices.

These files may download as zip files as is the case from this site. You can unzip those on a PC with Windows Explorer. Android tablets will have a file management App such as ES File Explorer that can also unzip the files. Both of these use the word extract to free up the information. Apple MACs use the Finder to handle this and it unzips the files automatically.

Once you have one of these files on your system, all you need is the right application to open the file and start reading. Here is information about the more common programs for doing that.

Working with PDF files

In addition to the Adobe software, there are many programs and apps that can read PDF ebooks including Calibre (see below) and the iTunes/iBook combination on Apple products. Adobe reader works on Windows, OS 10, Android and Linux. Here is the link to download that software.
This button takes you to the Adobe website for the reader.
There are three electronic book formats available for you to download. The most familiar one would be the PDF. Most PDF files are formated to fit a specific size page and are viewed one page at at time.

The other two ebook formats are the EPUB and its closely related MOBI. These are designed to allow the text to flow across your screen and to allow you to adjust the size of the text. Both of these features aid in reading information on any size screen.
This page will help you choose and use the e-book versions of Energy and EV Secrets
Using PDF E-Books
PDF electronic books can be read by Adobe Digital Reader and similar programs. Only some of the online retailers deal with PDF files for several reasons. You can currently only download the Energy and EV Secrets ebooks in PDF format from this site and from Smashwords.

The full size PDF is for viewing computers with full size screens and for printing out a copy on letter size paper.

The small device PDF will work better on Tablets and Smart Phones. It works on tablets in two modes. One is when the tablet is viewed in the landscape orientation and the reader is set to allow "continuous" reading. The second setting is when the file is set to the text reflow mode. That allows pinch and zoom operation. These features may vary by type of device.
Energy and EV Secrets ISBN List

978-0-9670308-4-5 (Hardcover)
978-0-9670308-5-2 (Paperback)
978-0-9670308-6-9 (EPUB)
978-0-9670308-7-6 (MOBI)
Downloading and using PDFs is a simple file transfer that lets you use the file handling tools of almost any device in very standard ways. The files will open in most browsers easily. You can then save that file and use it in any of the many applications.

Using EPUBs and MOBIs