Russell Sydney has spent his life on the front lines of economic and technical change. He is uniquely qualified to write about the burgeoning EV solution.
Russell is a Chevy Volt driver and has been an electric vehicle user for almost a decade. He has driven, imported, tested and promoted two wheel electric vehicles since 2004.

Russell Sydney has first-hand EV knowledge as well as the benefit of the expertise from numerous EV authorities. These contacts have been the result of him being principle organizer for the Sustainable Transport Club since before Plug In America was founded.

The people in the network associated with the Club include veteran EV users, advocates, manufacturers and industry insiders. The network also includes city, state and national level advocates and staff that are working to develop EVs including many of the founders of Plug in America. The cumulative knowledge of this pool of experts is reflected in this book series with appreciation to all the good people involved.

About Russell Sydney - Professional Profile

Electric Vehicle Expertise

Energy and EV Secrets

The role that Russell Sydney has played through the Sustainable Transport Club included helping to coordinate the sustainable transport advocacy for the City of Santa Monica from 2004 to 2009. During that time the group helped create the Alt Car Expo, several “first of their kind” EV ordinances, and the revised Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE) of the City’s General Plan. That LUCE is the basis for both the EV charging support and award winning bicycle infrastructure.

Mr. Sydney also worked as a member of the Board for the Medium Speed Electric Vehicle Coalition. That role involved working with numerous EV manufacturing and conversion companies. That in turn led to helping to manage the team that created a Ford Ranger electric conversion for the city of Santa Monica fleet.

Hands on Knowledge

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Russell Sydney has helped numerous people, communities and businesses to navigate the process of technological and economic change.

The Sustainable Transport Club helped make Santa Monica one of the premier EV cities. Not only that - the Club network includes people who have done the same thing in over a dozen cities including most of the South Bay, Pasadena and Santa Barbara.

The Sustainable Transport Club’s newsletter has been one element that has connected these efforts and supported these developments.

The more recent work in Ventura County is helping to bring that area up to EV speed. This is demonstrated by the highly acclaimed results of the recent National Plug in Day in Oxnard.

Mr. Sydney has also provided management consulting and training services for technology adoption. This work helped over 300 companies adopt new technologies and resulted in training over 8,000 people in various aspects of business and computerization.
He was also a pioneer in the farmers' market movement. He was the primary organizer for one of the first twenty markets in California in addition to two of the first twenty farmers' markets in Southern California. He was one of the founding members of the first statewide farmers’ market association in California.

Russell Sydney has a Master’s Degree in International Development from UC Davis.

Helping to Create Positive Change

Russell Sydney has been the editor and principle writer for the Sustainable Transport Club Newsletter since 2004. He is the author of the best-selling Bust the Y2K Bug, the History of the Farmers Markets in California and a series of audio book products for the speaking industry. In addition, he has had various reports on farmers markets published by the state.

His professional career has included such highlights as rising to the top of the training field as an international seminar leader. He has trained people on technology throughout the United States, all across Canada, around the U.K. and down into the Caribbean.

This extensive background helps Russell Sydney to present complex subjects with clearly understandable language and an engaging style. He has a unique combination of writing experience, highly developed training skills and in-depth knowledge and experience with facilitating change. This is an outstanding foundation for producing the book series Energy and EV Secrets.

Writing and Training Background

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Russell Sydney is in the cast of Jump-Starting the Future, a short documentary about EVs that is featured on the DVD of
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