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Energy and EV Secrets

Energy and EV Secrets

Introducing the Author - Russell Sydney

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Russell Sydney is uniquely qualified to write about the burgeoning Electric Vehicle (EV) Solution.
Russell is a seasoned and experienced writer and international seminar leader. He has a gift for turning technical information into readily usable and understandable language. He has been the Editor and Principle Writer for the Sustainable Transport Club Newsletter since 2004. He is the author of the best-selling Bust the Y2K Bug and A History of the Farmers Markets Movement in California.

Russell Sydney also helped create one of the leading Electric Vehicle Areas in the U.S. This EV Area stretches from Long Beach to Santa Monica and up to Santa Barbara. He has worked with many of the top EV leaders and developers as well as hundreds of EV drivers around the country. He is communicating their knowledge, in addition to his own personal experience. He is a Chevy Volt plug in hybrid driver and has been driving and testing all sorts of EVs including electric bicycles and e-motorbikes since 2003.

Russell Sydney has a Master’s Degree in International Development from UC Davis.
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This book is intended to help support efforts to put EVs of all kinds on the road including outreach and fund raising. It has the potential to support any group, organization or business that is working on any of the issues tied to our imported oil prices. Getting the book, Energy and EV Secrets, into people hands will help create the goals tied to Oil Independence.

There is a separate website to discuss how the book can used to create self-financing community outreach efforts to promote electric vehicle adoption. That website can be accessed by using the EV adoption button.

Community Outreach and Fund Raising


Energy and Oil Dependence Problems

Energy and EV Secrets shows why Energy and Oil Dependence will be defining concerns for decades. It clearly identifies the links between oil prices, national security, the economy, good jobs and our individual bank accounts. It even establishes a clear connection between imported oil prices and the Great Recession. It does all this with engaging language and graphics based on the known facts that delivers the message with style. The reader will learn:

The EV Solution Has Something for Every Pocketbook.
Read this book and you’ll know why.

The book accumulates EV knowledge from many experts and pioneers, as well as the author’s first-hand experience. It covers a full range of electric vehicle options, including the Volt, plug-in hybrids, and electric cars like the Nissan LEAF and the Tesla — along with e-bikes and everything in between.

The EV Solution

This book will give you the facts and figures about the energy problems, oil prices,the economy and the EV Solution.
The EV Solution presented is clearly a viable way to handle the oil dependence concerns. The Solution shows how a variety of electric car, e-bikes and plug-in hybrids can free millions of people from draining their bank accounts and the economy for fuel.
When people realize the potential of the EV mindset they will wonder why it took so long to become part of the EV Solution.
Copyright 2013 Russell Sydney, All rights reserved.
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How the Volt, Plug-in Hybrids, Electric Cars and E-Bikes can
Save Energy and Cut your Gas Prices.

Rising Gas Prices… Global & Local Concerns…
Inside this book, discover why it’s time to consider
the Electric Vehicle Solution
Energy and EV Secrets ISBN List

978-0-9670308-4-5 (Hardcover)
978-0-9670308-5-2 (Paperback)
978-0-9670308-6-9 (EPUB)
978-0-9670308-7-6 (MOBI)
“This book reveals how the EV Solution mitigates the economic and national security effects of oil. The EV Solutions are being demonstrated daily by tens of thousands. I hope that you take to heart the need to swell the ranks of EV drivers.” - Paul Scott, Passionate Advocate and Founding Board Member of Plug in America
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“I like how this is targeted at people new to plug-in vehicles. It has a lot of great info presented neatly, and with all-important links to help those interested to get more information.”
- Chad Schwitters, VP of Plug In America, National Coordinator for National Plug in Day
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